Progress isn't measured by moments, it's measured in your daily disciplines.

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For many years I was drifting in life. I was successful in terms of how I defined success and yet I felt there was more, I knew I wasn't using my full potential. It wasn't until I was fired from a Corporate position that caused the awakening within me and spurred a fire within. I went on a journey to find why I am here for and what can I contribute. I decided to dive deeper in my faith with God and decided to dive into personal development. Along my journey I realized there was more, in terms of impact and legacy. I decided to invest in books, courses, personal coaches, my future and today I am blessed to help others.

Do you know where you’re going?
Do you know why you want to go there?

Do you feel confident that you have the skills and resources you’ll need to arrive at your destination? I can help. I’m a respected results expert who helps entrepreneurs, emerging and established business owners master key productivity skills by offering best-in-class coaching and accountability services, so that they can achieve pinnacle goals. My purpose is to create a lasting legacy through empowering my clients to reach and sustain remarkable heights of success in their relationships, businesses and lives.

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A life, if represented by a boat that floats in the ocean, can never arrive at its destination without proper coordinates. If left “uncaptained”, the boat guided by the wind without any regard to where the individual thinks it should go, will eventually land wherever the wind takes it.

Too often, we find ourselves in our own boat and merely floating in the ocean, expecting the best and ending up disappointed or frustrated as we discover that the wind didn’t take us to our desired destination.

Author and coach Cardiff D. Hall shows you how to:

» Take control and remain in control of your life
» Learn practical strategies to help maneuver through life experiences
» Understand practical ways to sustain achievement
» Experience more joy and peace
» Plan a course to your own Victory Island of achievements