10 Amazing Life Lessons From a Bird Feeder You Don’t Think of Everyday!

Life Lessons! Have you ever stopped and thought about where you learn them? In a text book, at work or perhaps a mentor spoke them to you. However you probably never considered a bird feed can provide lessons.

To be honest, most of my life lessons came from the school of doing something and the response echoing back “Don’t Ever Do That Again!”. Can you relate?

Learning from life is good, however what you do after the learning , is what creates lasting life lessons.

Spring Time Brings New Arrivals

This Spring, I decided to get a bird feeder given the numerous bird songs and variety of birds flying around my backyard and neighborhood. If you’re a pro bird feeder forgive me, however I went to my local hardware store and sized up the numerous feeders.

Small ones, big ones, every shape and color one can imagine and in a wide range of prices.

I made the decision to go with a small feeder about 12 inches in length and three inches wide. Good enough for the birds! The feeder I selected was in the lower price range which appeared to be ok, so I thought. 
small bird feeder
Having purchased the small feeder and finch food, I place it on a tree located in the front yard. The Cardinals, the American Goldfinch, House Finch and other variety of birds hang out in the tree. It seems like a great place to hang the small feeder.

A few days pass and I checked the level of the feeder and it didn’t change. Interesting I thought! Since this a new device in the tree, I had a feeling it would take some time before the birds recognized there was food.

Two weeks, three weeks, now a month pass and still the level hasn’t moved! My thoughts went to “defective feeder and what a scam these companies are running!” Like I said, forgive me if you are an expert bird person.

I did what all good Dads do. Get another feeder but this time BIGGER!


After a month of no birds consuming food, I decided to purchase a more costly, a bigger and brighter bird feeder. A nice bright yellow feeder and I thought “Well at least they can see this one now.” I didn’t know this before the writing this article, however birds can see more color than humans! YES it’s true!!  Check out the article entitled, ” Can Birds See Color?

I filled the bright yellow canister with food and walked away and checked in the morning and 25% was gone!

bright bird feeder


Working from my home office, I would often look out the window to check the level and the 411 was out.

Songs of the chirping birds relayed the location of food and birds were coming. In less than three days, the canister was EMPTY! How could this happen I wondered? It was then when I learned my first lesson from a bird feeder.

Since that moment, I have learned 10 valuable lessons you don’t think of everyday.


10 Life Lessons From A Bird Feeder

  1. “Word Of Mouth” is the best form of advertising! This beats any type of traditional advertising.
  2. Build it and they will come. Everything is created twice, once in the mind and in reality.
  3. Increase your value presence to get noticed. Brighter bird feeders get noticed. The more value you add, the more you will get noticed.
  4. Be aware and take notice. Avoid doing something and forgetting about it.
  5. Make adjustments to create momentum.
  6. Increase your belief.
  7. Readiness marks opportunity; have ample food available to resupply when needed.
  8. The imposter is the thief of progress; squirrels stop any progress of birds having food.
  9. Pour good things into the mind; pouring food into the feeder, attracts good things.
  10. Left overs aren’t so bad after all; spilt food falls on the ground and larger birds unable to utilize the feeder enjoy the left overs.

Which of these life lessons will you incorporate into your business or life? Personally, I love them all, but my favorite is increasing your value presence.

Do you spend more on services that are ok or the ones which bring more value? I often shop at smaller retailers because of the value I receive.

Think about the role you have in your organization and now on a scale of 1-10, what level of value are you bringing? Ready to test your value rating? Ask your Manager to evaluate your value. Does it match your rating?

Simple Gives Way To Deep Meaning 

Do you know how long it takes the birds in my neighborhood to empty a bird feeder?  In  48 hours what was filled is now empty as I look out my window.

A simple bird feeder delivers ample learnings to be applied in life; the average miss it given its simplicity. One individual looks at the bird feed and says “so what?” and another individual looks at the same bird feeder and asks “what lessons can I gleam from a bird feeder?” and is curious.

Are you curious? Are you looking at the simple for meaning or do you ignore the simple?

Paulo Coelho, author of the The Alchemist said, “The simple things are the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them.” 

It doesn’t require a special degree to see simple things, it requires that you take the time.

Life Lesson Into Action

Would you be willing to take action on any of these life lessons? If so, which one will you start today?

Looking out the window, I see the bright yellow bird feeder is empty and the birds know it’s empty. I have a choice and everyday you have choices. Some so minuscule your mind doesn’t register a choice is being made, to the choices that have dire impact. Where you are today, is a result of the compounded effect of your choices.

“In essence, you make your choices, and then your choices make you.” – Darren Hardy author of The Compound Effect.

Choose to put any of of these life lessons into action and repeat them consistently and know you’ve taken something simple to gain the advantage in life, that many will not consistently do.

Next time you see a bird feed stop and find meaning in something simple.

PS. Respond and let me know what your favorite life lesson is from above.