5 Reasons You Should Quit

Quitting open the doors to possibilities and the pursuit of other things.

Really Quit?

Quit- a word which can resonate “loser” in one’s mind or it can ring “opportunity” in your mind. This may seem odd to you, that I, a motivational speaker, author, and productivity coach would be writing this.

If you search the internet, you will find hundreds of quotes which tell you to keep pushing forward, to burn the boats, to strive forward and never quit. Like this Michael Jordan quote “If you quit ONCE it becomes a habit. Never quit!!!”

So, if I’m the positivity guy, why in the world I am writing this blog to encourage you to stop doing something.

Personally, it has taken me some time to shift my mind, to think differently about his topic.

I’ve come to realize stopping something can advance you forward, while it takes courage.

In this article posted by Huffington Post, seven reasons are shared why continuing might not be your best move.

The Bad Things

When we think of alerting course, we usually think of changing a bad habit or leaving a job for another job.

If you look inside your life, you quickly can spot the “bad things” to change. They might appear on the surface or it might be hidden from the outside, however, it remains within yourself.

What if the thing you desire to change isn’t a bad habit nor isn’t related to your job but its something which fills your time, but you enjoy it. Should you stop doing it?

I believe we need to need to consistently evaluate the utilization of time. Below I share five reasons to aid in your decision to redirect your time.

You Think You Should Be Doing  It 

You hear about this “thing” which can help you lose weight quickly or help you make money fast or perhaps it a trend you think you want to implement in your life.

Next, you don’t do the diligence to look into it because you see people with results on TV and say to yourself, “this has to be it”!

You jump in and it’s not what you imagined and it doesn’t seem to work, however, you continue to pour time and energy into it.

Doing something you “think” you should be doing can add frustration and deflate your capacity to move forward.


Do you remember the song, You Lost That Loving Feeling by the Righteous Brothers? Come on, you know that song? I’m completely dating myself with this song, however, the second reason why you should redirect your energy, is you’ve lost that love for what you are doing.

You started off great, the momentum was there and over time, it’s lost its appeal. You kind of do it but not really anymore.

Is there anything you are doing, where you don’t really enjoy but you do it just because you started it?

If something came to mind, redirect your energy to something which will fill that spark and lights the fire within.

Energy Draining vs Energy Giving

Have you experienced doing something and it takes all of your energy away? However, you wake up the next day and hit replay and it drains your energy again. You tell yourself it will get better and again you experience the feeling of energy depletion.

This cycle will continue until you make a choice to exit the energy draining activity for something which gives you energy.

When your energy is depleted you open up the possibilities of depression, frustration, resentment, and apathy.

Life isn’t supposed to be filled with energy draining activities. Be willing to give yourself energy giving activities.

Throwing Money Away

Another reason to stop doing an activity could be related to spending. You think if you continue to add more money things will improve.

Imagine you start a new venture and you begin to spend money to generate money, while your spending isn’t generating the return you’d imagine. However, you continue to pour money in and expect different results.

The larger the investment, the more emotions are emitted if you decide to alter the course, while in the depths of your mind, you know its the right thing to do.

Albert Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. 

Decide to stop chasing sunk cost and pivot and change directions.

Not Working

The final reason you should adjust is what you are doing isn’t working. You’ve defined in your mind what success looks like and what you are doing isn’t living up to what you have within your mind.

You decide within your mind to lower your definition of success of what are you doing and you begin to compromise yourself. Lowering the bar will somehow make you happy, yet it adds to the constriction of not living up to what you feel is possible.

Failure is often the requirement for success. It’s failure that gives you the proper perspective on success.” – Ellen DeGeneres

In failure, there is learning and growth for those who choose to move in a different direction. Be prepared to take your learnings and reapply in a different direction.

The Outlier

To quit is never easy and it goes against everything you read and hear about perseverance. It goes up against all of the positive quotes you might read about not giving up, yet I believe advancement can arise from changing directions.

So today, I’ve made the decision to stop something I informed you I’d be doing monthly this year. Today I am writing my last blog at this time. While I enjoy writing, it requires a set amount of time and due to changes in my Corporate job, along with a move to Ohio this summer, I have to adjust direction.

I will be allocating the time I’d spend on writing to learn about the speaking industry and develop a speaking platform. Yes, I am the outlier and realized it was time for a shift in my journey.

What shift or things do you need to stop doing, so you can do something else? 

Decide to adjust course, you never know your future just might support what you decide to stop doing.

I trust the past month’s blogs have provided you insights into advancing in your journey of life. I’d appreciate if you would share this final blog. I know there are many individuals who feel they shouldn’t quit, yet changing direction may be just what is needed.

P.S. Comment below and let me know if there something you need to stop doing.

PSS I had the opportunity to be on a recent podcast with host Eric Eaton, a podcast for guys called, The Thrival Man Podcast where I share tips on managing life well. Guys, I trust you check it out. 











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