7 Things Your Employees Need To Hear You Say

Have you ever wondered, “What would my employees need me to say?”

Not want me to say, but need me to say. There is a difference between wants and needs.

My 10-year-old wants an Apple Watch and repeatedly makes this request known. Does she really need one or want one?

Needs are vital to the welfare of the individual and wants are the nice-to-haves.

During this time in history as we are all experiencing this pandemic, your employees NEED you to say certain things which will help foster comfort and productivity amongst uncertainty.

Employees Need To Hear You Say:

C is for Compassion - Sudhanshu Mishra - Medium

1. Compassion

Your team needs you to show compassion and this can be difficult for the D’s on the DISC Profile profile.

However, no matter what personality type is your dominate, showing compassion, and being able to listen is exactly what your team needs to hear.

Asking questions such as: “What’s the hardest thing been for you personally during this pandemic?” or “How are you feeling about working from home?” or “What’s something that concerns you right now?

Once you ask the question, be still, and listen. Don’t judge or tell them how to feel. Simply listen and encourage them.

Next, they want to hear flexibility.

2. Flexibility

Have you realized during uncertain times, there is unbalance and as leaders, unbalance provides the opportunity for flexibility. With instability occurring, keep a pulse on the emotional health of your staff.

Ensure your team knows it’s ok to step away from work and recharge themselves in a way that will energize them during the workday.

Just giving approval to those things gives the energy to sustain their workday quarantined, and provides an emotional lift.

In a recent article entitled, Experts, Imagine a More Flexible Workplace In the Wake of COVID-19 , it expresses there will be a rise in how work will be completed and as leaders, you must be adaptable to the rising trend.

3. Support

clouds in sky with street sign with help, assistance, advice

Due to the instability of each day, hearing the words, “How can I help you?” or “In what way can I best support you?” showcase your ability to connect with those who report to you.

Have you ever surprised anyone who you didn’t know?

You might have stepped out of your comfort zone to offer support to a  stranger and it was appreciated.

The employees who you manage are not strangers and deserve the opportunity for you to ask, if you can offer support.

4. Clarity

Envision you are on a field where you are completely surrounded by a thick fog. Your job is to lead those following you through the fog to the other side of the field.

You can’t see your hand as you hold it in front of you and your employees are quiet waiting for your command.

Silence reaches the depths of your mind and then you firming state, “Let’s go this way!” with confidence and step forward into the cool gray fog.

Every step forward breathes confidence into your team and in you as well.

The fog is here and those you lead are looking for clarity.

They seek clarity on what are the most critical activities in their role and updates on the company.

This is the time to provide consistent communication and ensure there is clarity in the fog.

5. Promotion Words

No, this is not telling everyone on your team, they are receiving a promotion, although I’m sure they would kindly accept one.

This is about using words that gain support and foster cooperation, such as growth, progress, eager, and ideal.

In this short video created by the Rotterdam School of Management, it shares the difference between promotions words and prevention words.

Utilizing the correct words in a crisis will either bring your team together or it can cause them to drift.

6. Fun

Sitting in a room all day working on a laptop without social interaction can lead to isolation which can lead to depression. Think about, “How can I as the leader create a sense of FUN within my team?”

Look for ways to do virtually team building events. In an article posted on micro.com, entitled “15 Best Team Building Games & Activities For Remote Workers” showcases easy and effective ways to lighten up the workday and bring fun into one’s remote office.

There are many other ways to create fun and camaraderie within your organization, while you need to proactively seek ways to connect a sense of togetherness in a remote environment.


7. Thank you!

The simple act of taking the time out of your day to send appreciation by saying two words – Thank you helps build trust.

William Craig, a contributor to Forbes stated in his article, “3 Reasons Why Employee Recognition Matters, “Nearly 90 percent of employees who received recognition or thanks from their boss in the past month indicated higher levels of trust in that boss.”

When is the last time you stopped during the day to send a simple thank you?

Working in crisis creates this unseen need to just get the work done and forget about everyone else, but it is in these times effective leaders take the time to recognize the work being accomplished on their team.

Will you commit to spending the time to elevate trust to those you lead this week and say the words “Thank you”?

Power Of Words

Each one of your reporting individuals is processing and working through the intensity of what is occurring in the world, their community, and in their home life.

“Our words have power. They impact others, but they also impact us.”- Michael Hyatt

Time for a self-analysis, “Are you saying these words?”

No matter what you are saying, realize you have the power to produce the volume to showcase what your team needs you to say.

Allow what you speak this week and every week to power growth within your organization.

Smart Work – Better Results

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