Cardiff has a unique blend of Elevated Productivity, Passion & Infectious Smile!


Cardiff D. Hall is, an inspirational speaker, author, business professional, devoted dad and husband who loves sports and is a continuous learner.

For many years he was drifting in life. Cardiff was successful in terms of how he defined success and yet he felt there was more. Deep down he knew he wasn’t using his full potential. He was busy but not truly productive. It wasn’t until he was fired from a Corporate position which caused an awakening with himself.

He set off on a journey to improve myself and regain control of life versus drifting along. He began to live life with an intentional purpose. Along the journey he invested in courses, conferences, personal coaches and mentors, which have all helped Cardiff make the transition from busy, to living a life of purpose productivity.

Cardiff has taken what has elevated his productivity, mixed in his infectious energy and passion, to help individuals and companies move from BUSY to PRODUCTIVE, so they can achieve a level of productivity consciousness.

His speaking centers on the topics of employee engagement and productivity.

You can hear Cardiff’s energy and teaching on podcasts such as, “High Performance Mindset”, “Dream Think Do”, “Maximize Your Strengths” and other podcasts available on iTunes and Stitcher.