Halts progress

The One Spoken Lie Which Halts Your Productivity And Progress

What spoken lie are you telling yourself right now? You don’t have any you say? Come on, its just you and your reflection from your device right now. Let me ask you this, “What’s one lie you told yourself during the start of the Covid pandemic?” Let me help spur your memory. The lie I…

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Lessons from a Bird Feeder

10 Amazing Life Lessons From a Bird Feeder You Don’t Think of Everyday!

Life Lessons! Have you ever stopped and thought about where you learn them? In a text book, at work or perhaps a mentor spoke them to you. However you probably never considered a bird feed can provide lessons. To be honest, most of my life lessons came from the school of doing something and the…

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Live in Smoke

10 Things Your Trusted Peers Will Not Tell You

How well do you know your trusted peers? Lets be honest, you really don’t know them given the one thing not discussed in the workplace are personal finances. When was the time you shared your personal finance stories with a peer…. ya NEVER! Furthermore, why would you share personal information with a colleague? The Smoke…

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The Four Little-Known Truths About Procrastination

Imagine it’s 2pm in the afternoon. You’ve been on Zoom or Microsoft teams calls all day so far and have a 30 minute break before you get zoomed away. You look down and the words of a project stare at you. Bubble thoughts pop up, “It’s not due until later in the month.”, “I don’t…

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increase productivity

Four Simple Hacks To Increase Productivity By 40%

What is productivity? Well, if you asked the average person walking down the street, “What is productivity?”, you’d hear responses such as: “Getting things done.” “Having stuff accomplished.” “Crossing things off on my list.” “Doing what is necessary for the day.” Above all, the goal is getting things accomplished, however I feel just getting items…

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Growth in Desert

4 Ways To Add Growth To Your Business or Association

The landscape has shifted so quickly, is it possible to grow in uncertainty? Doing business the old way is obsolete. Those who have adapted quickly have generated growth in times of uncertainty. Now What? Every business and association in April grasped to understand a new way to conduct business. First, uncertainty found every CEO, Executive…

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reshape your life

Four Laws In Reshaping Your Way Of Life

“Scene 2020, Take 7” The stage is set for the filming of “Four Laws In Reshaping Your Way Of Life”, which stars yourself. You ask yourself, “Am I dreaming?” “Cut” the director shouts! “Run it again, but this time I want to see more emotion given you are reshaping your way of life. The way…

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Beach with trash disturbing the beauty

Can The Development of Bias Really Be Eliminated?

2020 – a new decade is upon us and life is as normal as the tide rises and falls each day. All seems normal, except inside each individual there are anchors for the development of bias. What? Never! “No, not me… I don’t have any of those things. I’m not __________(fill in the blank)”. Mirrors…

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Employees are waiting to hear from their leaders during a crisis

7 Things Your Employees Need To Hear You Say

Have you ever wondered, “What would my employees need me to say?” Not want me to say, but need me to say. There is a difference between wants and needs. My 10-year-old wants an Apple Watch and repeatedly makes this request known. Does she really need one or want one? Needs are vital to the…

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Waiting For Freedom

The Waiting – Lessons From Those Who Endured

Have you ever waited? I mean really waited. Imagine you were on a trip and something went wrong and you found yourself on an island. For those of you that remember Gilligan’s Island, who was your favorite character? Ok, I digress let’s get back to you being on the island. There you are, in a…

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