reshape your life

Four Laws In Reshaping Your Way Of Life

“Scene 2020, Take 7” The stage is set for the filming of “Four Laws In Reshaping Your Way Of Life”, which stars yourself. You ask yourself, “Am I dreaming?” “Cut” the director shouts! “Run it again, but this time I want to see more emotion given you are reshaping your way of life. The way…

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Beach with trash disturbing the beauty

Can The Development of Bias Really Be Eliminated?

2020 – a new decade is upon us and life is as normal as the tide rises and falls each day. All seems normal, except inside each individual there are anchors for the development of bias. What? Never! “No, not me… I don’t have any of those things. I’m not __________(fill in the blank)”. Mirrors…

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Employees are waiting to hear from their leaders during a crisis

7 Things Your Employees Need To Hear You Say

Have you ever wondered, “What would my employees need me to say?” Not want me to say, but need me to say. There is a difference between wants and needs. My 10-year-old wants an Apple Watch and repeatedly makes this request known. Does she really need one or want one? Needs are vital to the…

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Waiting For Freedom

The Waiting – Lessons From Those Who Endured

Have you ever waited? I mean really waited. Imagine you were on a trip and something went wrong and you found yourself on an island. For those of you that remember Gilligan’s Island, who was your favorite character? Ok, I digress let’s get back to you being on the island. There you are, in a…

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Shows how lonely it can feel

The Minimalist Productivity Guide For Working From Home

Working From Home Can Be Difficult  Millions of Americans and those abroad have been mandated to work from home due to the existence of COVID-19. For some people, it’s a relief to work for home and for others it can be a difficult adjustment. Having had the opportunity to work in a corporate office environment,…

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What’s In Your Playbook -The Secret

It’s the beginning of a season I very much love; it’s the start of the football season and the playbook is in full use. You may or might not agree, while this season brings about a change in the leaves, temperature and gives way to backyard fires with friends. Have you heard this phrase, “What’s…

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5 Reasons You Should Quit

Quitting open the doors to possibilities and the pursuit of other things. Really Quit? Quit- a word which can resonate “loser” in one’s mind or it can ring “opportunity” in your mind. This may seem odd to you, that I, a motivational speaker, author, and productivity coach would be writing this. If you search the…

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5 Insider Secrets Of Today’s Top Athletes

Top Athletes in their sport today achieving success share parallel attributes. When you hear the words “top athlete” who comes to mind? A few weeks ago, I posted this question on my facebook page and there were a number responses. I narrowed the list down to four athletes in different sports and then decided to…

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Life Lessons From A Doll House – Ya Really!

Building an LOL Dollhouse teaches your life lessons. Over the holiday season, I experienced several lessons. I was blessed to do a little building, as my daughter received the LOL mega gift, an LOL Surprise Dollhouse which of course required ASSEMBLY!  During the two to three hour voyage, I learned five valuable life lessons. Five Lessons…

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audio books

Tide Turners AudioBook

Do you listen to an audiobook? According to a Good E Reader article entitled  Global Audiobook Trends audiobooks are the fastest growing segment in publishing. “Audible membership growth is consistent at 40 per cent year on year, as more consumers realise how well audiobooks can fit into their busy lives,” explained Tracey Markham, country manager for…

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