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The Dont’s of Successful People

Growing up, one thing my mother told me probably hundreds of times — besides to clean up my room, of course — was that “it’s easier to follow those who have achieved, given they have paved the way.” Being an adult, I firmly understand what she meant. It’s much like when Tony Robbins says, “Model…

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Leveling Up

Raising your thinking can help you. By leveling up you will give yourself the ability to reach the top. ~ Cardiff D. Hall

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What Athletes and Coaches Can Teach Us About Life

I enjoy sports. It’s one of the few things I make time for in my often-hectic schedule — that and my family, of course. But my love for the game isn’t just about the skill of an athlete, the rivalry between teams, or the strategy in a win. Watching sports is like witnessing a story…

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the mind is clear

The Doors of Possibilities

When you have clarity, you begin to see things which could not be seen.

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Are You Thinking Like a Successful Person?

Have you ever heard that success leave clues? John Maxwell wrote a book on success which is entitled, “How Successful People Think”. Inside this audio, I share 3 points he discusses in this book. To see more on this book, click here.  I trust you implement the 3 points discussed in this audio. Enjoy the…

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when the mind is clear

When the Mind is Clear

When you have clarity, you begin to see things which could not be seen. When the mind is clear it opens the doors of possibilities. ~ Cardiff D. Hall Save

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10 Habits Of Highly Successful People

Success. Everyone has a definition of it. In fact, Merriam-Webster can’t even settle on just one, offering up a total of three for your choosing. With this month’s topic, I’d like to focus on only one of these definitions: the correct or desired result of an attempt. But we live in time of almost constant…

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one course

The Real Meaning of FOCUS

Ever start something and just never finish it? If you’ve ever tried downhill skiing, you know exactly how to finish: by skiing down the hill — unless, of course, you’re like me, who fell down the hill and almost took out a shed at the bottom. Good thing they had that orange mesh to stop…

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The Way Out…

Focusing will open the door of possibilities. The way out is not always through the door. ~ Cardiff D. Hall Save Save Save

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Are you Focused?

Maintaining Focus: 7 Tips That Work for Everyone and Anyone

You’ve got an awful lot on your plate these days. There’s an almost constant stream of emails demanding your attention, phone calls waiting to be answered, colleagues seeking your input, and clients needing who knows what.  It’s enough to make anyone lose their mind — let alone their focus. But amid all that noise, you…

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