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The Real Meaning of FOCUS

Ever start something and just never finish it? If you’ve ever tried downhill skiing, you know exactly how to finish: by skiing down the hill — unless, of course, you’re like me, who fell down the hill and almost took out a shed at the bottom. Good thing they had that orange mesh to stop…

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The Way Out…

Focusing will open the door of possibilities. The way out is not always through the door. ~ Cardiff D. Hall Save Save Save

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Are you Focused?

Maintaining Focus: 7 Tips That Work for Everyone and Anyone

You’ve got an awful lot on your plate these days. There’s an almost constant stream of emails demanding your attention, phone calls waiting to be answered, colleagues seeking your input, and clients needing who knows what.  It’s enough to make anyone lose their mind — let alone their focus. But amid all that noise, you…

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Cannot See

You Cannot See…

Ever had someone talk about a car and all of a sudden you see that car everywhere? Or perhaps that car was always there, you simply were not focused on that car. You will always see things you want to see. You cannot see what you do not focus on. ~ Cardiff D. Hall Save

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Eye on the Ball

Keep Your Eye on the Ball

This week’s blog post brings you to the topic, Keep Your Eye on the Ball.  Enjoy the audio here. Save Save

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distraction junkie coder

Improving Your Focus: Disable Weapons of Mass Distraction

Last month, we devoted our attention to the processes necessary to set and achieve our goals, so it only stands to reason that our next topic would be focus. Without focus, you’re relying on luck to get you to where you need to be – not the best plan for success. Because focus is basically…

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piktochart goals

How to Ensure You Achieve Your Goal

Today, we wrap up our month-long journey into goals, and I hope you’ve had a chance to put in motion the techniques I’ve shared with you over the past few weeks. But besides the posts and podcast on this particular topic, I’ve put together an infographic entitled: 5 Ways to Ensure You Achieve Your Goal…

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Achieve Your Goals

9 Things Getting in the Way of Your Progress Toward Your Goals

Achieving goals isn’t always easy. If it were, no one would really need to set them. They’d just come naturally. When you set a goal, you provide yourself something to work towards. It gives us a boost of that much-needed confidence each time we see one through. But many of us are guilty of failing…

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Do You Use SMART?

Do you know SMART?  No, not the candy. That’s Smarties…though there’s nothing wrong with satisfying a sweet tooth — all in moderation, as they say. What I’m getting at is being SMART in setting goals. I touched on the topic briefly in last week’s blog post, but I wanted to go into further detail, so…

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accomplish goal in 4 steps

How to Still Accomplish Your #1 Goal for 2016 in Just 4 Steps

Thanks for your patience. Today begins the weekly Sustained Achievement blog. Over the next four weeks, the topic will be all about GOALS.  Even though January has come and gone, there’s still time for you to accomplish your # 1 goal.  That’s why in this week’s kick-off blog I share four reasons on how you…

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