Turning the Tide: Simple Ways to Maintain Good Health

The Maintenance Of Good Health As we discussed in the previous post Turning the Tide on Your Health, it’s critical we make our health a top priority. Our society has conditioned us to think we must be willing to make tremendous sacrifices if we want to achieve success. While some sacrifice is definitely needed to…

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Stepping out with Cardiff D. Hall

Beyond the Horizon

Be willing to step out beyond the horizon to see the things you thought were not possible.  ~ Cardiff D. Hall

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Why Turning The Tide on Your Health Is Wealth

Your health is more than you may think.   I have two simple questions to ask you: What’s important to you? What are your priorities in life? For some people, their kids are most important, others their careers are a top priority: Moving up the corporate ladder is a significant event in their lives. Perhaps…

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Choices by Cardiff D Hall


Choices, the spectables of dust you don’t consider influence your outcome. ~ Cardiff D. Hall

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2018 Goals – Four Reasons Why You Should Write Them Now

Should I wait to set my 2018 goals or set them now? The majority of people you ask would probably say, “Wait, you have plenty of time”. While the select few would say, “Begin, start to chart your course for your goals today.” It’s Only August  I know, its only August 22nd and here we…

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Captain with Cardiff D Hall

Your Job As Captain of Your Boat

Your job as captain of your boat is to guide the boat is to guide the boat with a purpose and mission.  ~ Cardiff D. Hall

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5 Ways To Jump Start Your Morning Routine

What does your morning routine consists of today? Checking email? Turning on the news, to hear what happened overnight? Making the first cup of coffee, tea or smoothie? Checking all of your social media accounts? Reading the news on your smart tablet or phone? Personally, I know in the past if you asked me about…

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Choices Define You with Cardiff D Hall

Choices Define You

Choices define you.  They have an impact on who you are and who you become. ~ Cardiff D. Hall

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A Brand New You: How to Transform Your Image

When people are asked what it takes to become successful, the following traits are often mentioned: Hard working Receptive to new ideas Not afraid to take risks Willing to step out of their comfort zone They love what they do I agree with this list. Our probability of becoming successful increases if we have these…

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A New Habit

A new habit can only grow if you water it with commitment. ~ Cardiff A. Hall

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