The Truth Behind Reaching Your Goal

To reach a goal there is something specific which must be done.

I had the opportunity to travel to Arizona this Spring. Looking out the window traveling in an Urber, I noticed the landscape was brown and dry. Also it contained a plant I don’t see in Minneapolis. The Cactus.

Did you know, the Cactus, which lives in the Southwest, can thrive in temperatures that rise above 100 degrees?

Other plants which are exposed to temperatures above 100, wilt away and cannot survive.

Have you given up on your goal?

As the month of March closes down, many people have simply given up on their goals or resolutions and thus, wilted away for another time, another year or perhaps never.

Just like the cactus, there is something every goal needs to survive.

Cactus need water to survive. So, how can cactus survive in the desert and not wilt away?

Cactus have the ability to conserve water they do receive and thus can survive months without water.

Action Is Needed

When you think of your goals or resolutions, there is one thing which is needed and that is action. Action in some form to generate movement towards the goal.

I recently came across a great article entitled, How To Create An Action Plan To Achieve Your Goals, which provide six things you need to do.

Without action over time, your desired target will wither away.

So, can a goal thrive on inconsistent action? Yes, however it will take longer for you to reach it.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up 

Ok, I want you to think of that “thing” you desired at the beginning of January. Did you work towards it and something happened?  Realize whereever you, you can restart!

Know there will be days where no action is taken, yet due to the progress made previously, just like the cactus conversing water, your goal has conserved action.

Wherever you are know your goals can not survive without movement.

“You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.” – Rabindranath Tagore

Take action whether consistent or not, however take action and your goal will be able to survive and thrive!