Growth in Desert

4 Ways To Add Growth To Your Business or Association

The landscape has shifted so quickly, is it possible to grow in uncertainty? Doing business the old way is obsolete. Those who have adapted quickly have generated growth in times of uncertainty. Now What? Every business and association in April grasped to understand a new way to conduct business. First, uncertainty found every CEO, Executive…

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Shows how lonely it can feel

The Minimalist Productivity Guide For Working From Home

Working From Home Can Be Difficult  Millions of Americans and those abroad have been mandated to work from home due to the existence of COVID-19. For some people, it’s a relief to work for home and for others it can be a difficult adjustment. Having had the opportunity to work in a corporate office environment,…

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What’s In Your Playbook -The Secret

It’s the beginning of a season I very much love; it’s the start of the football season and the playbook is in full use. You may or might not agree, while this season brings about a change in the leaves, temperature and gives way to backyard fires with friends. Have you heard this phrase, “What’s…

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5 Insider Secrets Of Today’s Top Athletes

Top Athletes in their sport today achieving success share parallel attributes. When you hear the words “top athlete” who comes to mind? A few weeks ago, I posted this question on my facebook page and there were a number responses. I narrowed the list down to four athletes in different sports and then decided to…

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audio books

Tide Turners AudioBook

Do you listen to an audiobook? According to a Good E Reader article entitled  Global Audiobook Trends audiobooks are the fastest growing segment in publishing. “Audible membership growth is consistent at 40 per cent year on year, as more consumers realise how well audiobooks can fit into their busy lives,” explained Tracey Markham, country manager for…

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The Truth Behind Reaching Your Goal

To reach a goal there is something specific which must be done. I had the opportunity to travel to Arizona this Spring. Looking out the window traveling in an Urber, I noticed the landscape was brown and dry. Also it contained a plant I don’t see in Minneapolis. The Cactus. Did you know, the Cactus,…

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The One Thing To Boost Attainment Of Goals

Achieving your goals using an “old school” tracker will enable you to see progress and help adjust your path towards your goals. Goals  Its the middle of January and yes it time to turn the attention to goals. I trust you have taken the time to physically write them down. If not, why? I know,…

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The Minimalist Guide To Your Productivity – Get Disconnected

When you become disconnected from other people’s agendas, you accomplish much more and it frees your mind. My Holiday Disconnect From Social Media and Email  Over the holiday break, my family went on vacation to Florida. Our first trip out of our home for Christmas. When we decided to book the trip, my wife and…

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Five Reasons Productivity Slips Through Your Day

If you are honest with yourselves there are things you are doing throughout the day, which reduce your productivity. Have you ever stopped to think about the small choices you make during the day which impact your progress? Small Choices Several years ago, I never paid any attention to the small choices I was making.…

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The 12 Gifts You Will Not Find Under The Tree

The idea of giving a gift that someone truly desires isn’t possible. How that be? I’m sure you are asking yourself. You’ve asked your loved ones what they desire for a gift and then attempt to find that gift. You’ve done the work and now it’s time to give them what they asked to receive.…

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