Can We Really Trust Attending Conferences? – Like Igniting Souls Conference?

Conferences – An Investment Or Expense?

Attending the same conference consecutive years, can fortify your learning, advance your mindset and provide actionable tactics to enhance your personal growth and business.

If would you have asked me the question above several years ago, I would have replied “Expense”.  I could never see myself attending conferences outside of what my company would reimburse me for.

Time away from family, spending money on a hotel room, food and Ubers didn’t excite me.

Weekends are for FUN and time away from work, why would I invest time back at work on a weekend?

That was my mindset. Today I have a reformed mindset. Attending conferences are an investment in your future.

Who Should Attending Conferences?

“The investments we make in ourselves will always deliver the most profitable returns.” – Sumner Davenport 

  • Do you have a desire to speed up your learning to advance toward your goals?
  • Would you like to be around similar like-minded individuals who will support you?
  • Would you like to gain insights from leaders in your industry, profession or skill, whom can offer wisdom and guidance?

Attending a conference is for you! If you said no to the above, stop reading given this blog isn’t for Beach Combers. If you missed last week’s blog, click hear to take the Beach Combers – Tide Turners Assessment . 

My Igniting Souls Conference Experience

Last October I attended and spoke at the ISC and learned about being “Unhackable”.

What is being Unhackable? Head over to the Unhackable Assessment to see if you are Unhackable.

Heading into the conference last week, I honestly didn’t know what to expect. Would I be learning some of the same things I’ve heard before or would I learn additional strategies and insights which can help me?

When I walked into the room, you could feel the energy, it was ALIVE and on FIRE! The theme of the conference had to do with FIRE! Individuals were smiling, laughing, engaging on a Saturday morning. The place was electric!!

I could sense this conference would be different from last year! Kary Oberbrunner the architect behind Igniting Souls, was the host and invited an All Star lineup to share the stage. Leaders such as: Mike Kim, Brian Dixon, Amy Schmittauer, Dexter Godfrey and David Branderhorst.

Speakers Guidance

In each session, I learned something new which I didn’t know before. One of the best sessions for me, was hearing from Brian Dixon. His talk spoke to me and cause my mind to swirl with opportunity.

This is exactly why I love attending conferences, given speakers can blossom the opportunity within the mind.

Having the opportunity to be personally coached by Brian was valuable and he answered every question I had. Usually speakers come in for the conference, speak and head for the doors, however Brian stayed to help anyone through the entire conference.

The idea he blossomed within my mind and help me on, is shared at the end.

Impactful Quotes From ISC

When you influence language, you influence thinking.” – Mike Kim

“Your deepest wound is your area of greatest impact.” – Kary Oberbrunner

“What is obvious to you, is magically to other people.” – Brian Dixon

“There is freedom when you follow your dreams.” – David Branderhorst

“We need to get faith in the right direction.” – Dexter Godfrey

“Rob the rock.” – Joel Kessel

Yes, we can trust conferences just like The Igniting Souls Conference!

My energy is renewed, my commitment is stronger and I choose to BE the FiRE; to empower the journey of life within individuals to heights of achievement.

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