Five Reasons Productivity Slips Through Your Day

If you are honest with yourselves there are things you are doing throughout the day, which reduce your productivity. Have you ever stopped to think about the small choices you make during the day which impact your progress?

Small Choices

Several years ago, I never paid any attention to the small choices I was making. The friendly conversation with the co-worker to discuss the news, sports or other events. I now realize phone calls, emails and phone alerts which come up, do have an impact on productivity.

Not having awareness of these small choices can derail your productivity and allow your time to be consumed with something other than you desire.

Five Productivity Arrows To Slow Your Progress 

You walk into the office, turn on the computer and you set aside time to get organized. All of a sudden the phone rings and you take the call and the person informs you an email is being sent, which requires your attention. Does this sound familiar?

Quickly you jump into the email, however this isn’t a quick return, it turns into a four hour project. Your day was just hacked by someone else’s agenda.

Other Peoples Agenda – 1st reason why productivity is slowed 

When you allow other people to control your agenda, you fall prey to following someone else’s priority for you.

“The inbox is nothing but a convenient organizing system for other people’s agendas.” – Brendon Burchard 

Allow that quote to sink in. When I first heard it, I was taken back and asked myself, “How can that be?” “I need to respond to my boss immediately”, so I thought.

I was accepting that email as direction to guide my day and I never asked, “When is the latest, the information is needed?”

Just like myself, a few years ago, I allowed whomever that was sending the email to direct my day and I was  constantly checking to see if I had any email to respond too. Can you relate?

Please know I am not saying to not check your email or respond to urgent needs. You need to gain alignment on when the individual truly needs the information and direct the response of the email within your schedule.

In a Forbes article, entitled The Way You Check Email Is Making You Less Productive, states that the average person checks their email 15 times per day!

Inability To Say No – 2nd reason why productivity is slowed 

Do you enjoy saying “No”? Many individuals don’t and like to be of help and say “yes”.

Saying “no” can feel like you are self centered or your priorities are greater than someone else’s.

I’ve felt this way however, once I realized by saying no to those things which were not on my agenda, it allowed me to get more accomplished.

When I was writing the manuscript for Tide Turners, there were many times someone would ask to have coffee to catch up and I politely declined, letting the person know I was focused on completing the manuscript for the book.

It can can be hard to say “no”, however you must understand saying “yes” is saying “no” to something else.

Undefined MIP’s – 3rd reason why productivity is slowed. 

MIP’s are your Most Important Priorities. Think of these as your filters for life. They are what drives you. One MIP could be family for you or perhaps health; these are the big things which are vital for you.

Without having defined MIPs. you have no filter and thus everything is somehow important. Having a filter directs your agenda, it elevates your priorities.

If networking is an MIP for you, then coffee meetings make it through your filter.

Define your MIPs and you will find there will be things which do not make it through the filter and thus not on your agenda.

Doing Everything – 4th reason why productivity is slowed 

Ever felt that you just need to get everything done? I know I have! 

There is a feeling that builds up with anyone who has this mindset of everything must get done. Feeling this way the person beats themselves up mentally and can arrive at this conclusion, “I’m not good enough” or fall into a trap of comparing themselves to others.

If you feel frustrated and overwhelmed by not getting it all done, there are several questions you need to answer at the end of each day, feature in an article entitled Stop Beating Yourself Up For Not Getting Everything Done.

The Focus On Social Media- 5th reason why productivity is slowed. 

You probably knew this was coming didn’t you? Yes, the mobile device and the online messaging at work can easily derail your focus.

I want you to think about your day yesterday. Did you receive a text or message which took your attention away during a focus period of work to respond?

Well, according to the Business, the typical cellphone user touches their phone 2,617 times per day.

Does that number just blow your mind? 

Scrolling through news feeds, checking alerts, responding to messages and texts during a focus period, halts all momentum in your productivity.

This past week, I was in a meeting and the other person was responding to texts when we were having a discussion. I became frustrated and it slowed our progress.

In my opinion this reason, the focus on social media is the arrow to destroy all productivity.

Tide Turners Time Management Maximizer Online Coaching Group 

Last week, I completed leading a five week online coaching group on time management and thus impacted productivity. Here are a few testimonials of what individuals discovered and received.

“I am much more aware of how I use time now. As a result of this course I really think twice if I pick up my phone to just “check something.” I am now able to really prioritize my activities into what is most important and really accomplish much more than what I thought was possible without feeling exhausted.” – Trista 

“This was a fantastic course and I got a lot of value in it. Cardiff really cares about each and every one of the students in the course and it shows! I am very proud of what I have learned and will continue to learn and implement many things that I learned in this course.” -Ainsworth 

I will be offering this again this year and if you want to be notified email me at and I will do so.

These five reasons are very real and if untamed, your productivity will continue to slip through the door and allow you to fall short of goals, dreams and your potential.

PS – Know productivity is knocking and those who answer walk through the door of success.