I'm Cardiff D. Hall

I am an inspirational author, speaker, coach who helps individuals transform their self being so they can reach and sustain achievement.

If you're like most people, you've used these phrases to explain your life:

  • I'm going through the motions
  • I thought I'd be further in life
  • I'm going on fumes
  • I'm stuck in a rut

BUT, your present circumstances don't dictate your future destiny.

How do you make the shift?  You TURN THE TIDE.

Turning the Tide means, according to the dictionary, to cause a reversal in the direction of events.

Hi, my name is Cardiff D. Hall and my mission in life is to help you turn your TIDES.

Cardiff D. Hall, author, speaker, and coach.

Cardiff helps the self-doubters, the positivity-seekers, and those without a vision understand that anyone can willingly direct the outcome of his or her life. All it takes is finding the purpose in your actions and the unrelenting will to strive toward your achievements - both of which are often dependent on confidence, outlook, and approach. His goal is to help you find all three, so you can alter the course of your life for the better and become the Tide Turner you need to be to start feeling more joy, aliveness, and self-abundance each and every day.

The path is created by those who weren't afraid to fail. ~ Cardiff D. Hall



A gifted storyteller, Cardiff Hall explores the ideas of growth and transformation through his writing. Cardiff uses his life as a backdrop and recounts tales of his challenges, successes, and learnings, so readers can better relate to his messages and apply his approach to adversity — and life in general — to their own lives.



Cardiff Hall is a catalyst for change, and that change often revolves around helping others set course toward their vision for the future and sustain their achievements upon their arrival. His dynamic speaking style and sense of humor engages audiences and leaves them feeling both energized and inspired to adopt his outlook and approach to any circumstance — so much so that they become the new standard by which to live life.



Are you ready to lead a more purposeful life? One marked with more joy and aliveness, where you understand exactly what’s necessary to sustain achievement over the long-term?