Life Lessons From A Doll House – Ya Really!

Building an LOL Dollhouse teaches your life lessons.

Over the holiday season, I experienced several lessons. I was blessed to do a little building, as my daughter received the LOL mega gift, an LOL Surprise Dollhouse which of course required ASSEMBLY! 

During the two to three hour voyage, I learned five valuable life lessons.

Five Lessons



Be willing to do what is HARD. Opening up the directions, it was  recommended a power screwdriver NOT be used. WHAT???  I had to use the OLD fashion screwdriver. With over 100 screws to be put in place, I was attempting to find another way, however the solution was to use the screwdriver.

In the article, entitled, “8 Reasons You Should Do The Hard Things“, expresses great fundamental reasons why doing the hard this is the right thing.

2. Have Patience 

In addition to having to use a screwdriver to put in over 100 screws I had to have patience. Looking at the manual and trying to ensure each piece was placed correctly required time. For instance, I often looked at the front of the box and the manual several times before I actually fit the screws into the targeted placements.

At times, I’d place an incorrect board in place and then have to loosen the screws and replace it. In conclusion, don’t rush a project just to get it off your check list, patience is demanded for excellence.

3. Admit Your Mistakes 

After the house was built and I was feeling great about myself, however my daughter found a flaw!

In other words, the dollhouse wasn’t put together correctly.

Who Needs An Elevator In Their Dollhouse? 

The elevator was placed on backward! Yes, I had incorrectly placed the elevator on backwards, however it looked ok to me. However, to a nine year old girl, she could tell it wasn’t correct.

I studied the dollhouse, the manual and the box and discovered she was correct and I admitted my mistake and rebuilt it.

4. Remove Distractions To Focus 

Distractions are everywhere but today above all, there were many distractions. The TV was on, there was noise from toys, my daughter was testing out a new game and there were a few hands which wanted to help.

Therefore, with all the distractions, I had to make a decision to ask everyone to exit the dollhouse building zone, turn the TV off and sit in silence! After that, I was able to focus which increased my concentration.

Removing distractions brings about the essence of clarity and a renewed focus.

5. A Map/Directions Required 

While I stood up and viewed the product of my work on Christmas day, I came to the conclusion this dollhouse could not have been built without following the directions.

There were too many screws, boards and pieces to just “wing” it.

Following directions provided stability and above all, it made a nine year old daughter state, “This was my best Christmas ever! Thanks Dad for building the dollhouse.” 

Life Lessons Come In Strange Places 

I never thought I’d learn something so valuable putting together a dollhouse, but that is when lessons can come alive, if we choose to see them in our everyday experiences.

This year in 2019, look for life lessons in the routine, in the spaces you are least likely to find them.

They are there, you just need to stop, find them and apply what you learned.

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