How To Push Away From The Beach

What comes mind when you see the beach or read the word beach? 

  • Vacation
  • Relaxation
  • Comfort
  • Sounds of the waves
  • Smoothie
  • Chair and a good book
  • Towel and sunscreen

Personally all these words and phrases come to my mind when I see the beach. One of my favorite vacations has been to see the beaches of Negril Beach in Jamaica. Sand so soft it heals your feet and water so blue, its inviting you to jump in. Lush sand and waters are the foothold of why many do not leave this place in life.

In looking in the review mirror of my own life, I realize today I was a Beach Comber. Someone who loves the beach so much, I was tethered to it, given it’s area of comfort and it doesn’t require you to face fear or yet advance your skills. Funny, if someone were to call me a Beach Comber then, I’d refute it, given I was a good person. I paid my taxes, when to church, contributed positively to the company I worked for and loved my family. How in the world could I be a Beach Comber?

The Question

Several years ago, I took an online course and the instructor asked if I had a vision. I took a minute to think, I had no idea what he was talking about. My mind shouted silently, “Companies have visions, individuals can’t have a vision”. I didn’t realize individuals can have a vision and direct the course of their life. Indeed, I was at the place for comfort in life.

I was docked, yet there was a tugboat pulling at my chair given I wanted to have a vision, I wanted to grow, I wanted more in my life. The sun block I applied covered up the intention, discipline and ambition I needed, given I was “Ok“.  Perhaps you can relate. Are you ok?

“Ambition is the great fire, it’s the liberator of the unconscious person. No goals, no growth; no clarity no change.”  – Brendon Burchard 

Comber Facts

Brendon’s quote struck me given I desired growth, yet didn’t have any goals or clarity regarding the future of my journey in life. The below facts convinced myself I was docked to the port of comfort.

Being docked in comfort, I checked the box next to each of these statements. How about you? How many boxes did you check?

Carl Jung, said “Who looks outside, dreams; who look insides, awakes.” 

How To Push Away 

  • The first place to begin is to looking within and being honest with yourself. Bob Marley sang, “Open your eyes, look within. Are you satisfied with the life you’re living?
  • Commit to pushing away and embarking on change.
  • Know why you desire the change.
  • Draw a line in the sand and decide to begin living and take control with intention.
  • Put yourself around others who are living and have moved away from the beach.

When I decided to make the push, it was painful at first. I unplugged from TV, missed my favorite shows, started to get up 30 minutes earlier, picked up a book and started to read and began working on my vision.

Did anyone tell me to do this? No. My boss didn’t nor my wife, or daughter. I made the decision to become a Tide Turner and so can you.

Will it hurt at first, yes! However are you willing to go through acute pain, so you avoid having the chronic pain of regret and discomfort?

If you are reading this, you desire more in life and may feel unfulfilled. Believe you can feel in control and begin to shape your world that you desire. It’s up to you!

“Your vision is your lighthouse that leads you to your destination.”Tide Turners 

PS: Want to see if you are a Beach Comber or Tide Turner? Take this short assessment by click on Free Assessment .  



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