The One Spoken Lie Which Halts Your Productivity And Progress

What spoken lie are you telling yourself right now? You don’t have any you say? Come on, its just you and your reflection from your device right now. Let me ask you this, “What’s one lie you told yourself during the start of the Covid pandemic?”

Let me help spur your memory. The lie I told myself was, “this thing can’t last that long!”

I also told myself this lie, “I’m not wearing any mask, its my right!” Now, I ask you again, what lie have you told yourself recently?

In the Ted Talk “How To Spot A Liar” given by Pamela Meyer, she states we are lied to 10 to 200 times per day and tell a lie ourselves an average of one to two times a day.

It’s Common Practice

Why do humans lie? There are a host of reasons, however the foundation is built on wanting to feel better about oneself. All humans are selfish and if an individual has the ability to gratify oneself it will be done.

In a Forbes article entitled,”Why We Lie, And The Neuorscience Behind It”  mentions that “lying is a condition of life”.

However, if you are not careful your condition of life can have a significant impact on your present and future life.

The Top Five Most Spoken Lies Told To Yourself

Why I speak to myself?. The story begins from the very… | by Farwa Nawaz | Medium

Have you ever watch an athlete talk to themselves before a game? Typically they are using words to elevate their mindset, to place them in a place for peak performance during their game.

What is spoken to oneself, the mind hears and repeated, one believes.

So here are the five lies the person in the mirror tells you:

  1. “You can’t do it.” 
  2. “I don’t know how.” 
  3. “You don’t know anyone.” 
  4. “It wouldn’t work.” 
  5. “I don’t have time.” 

Imagine yourself getting ready for the day and the mirror begins to remind you of your schedule and immediately it calls out, “You can’t do that, you don’t have time.” Next the mirror says, “Tomorrow I’ll do it” and tomorrow comes and the “no time” cycle continues.

The Challenge & The Spoken Lie

Its my belief the number one spoken lie is: “I don’t have time!” I do believe anyone can find the time, while it comes at a price one has to be willing to pay. Are you willing to forgo certain things to free up time?

This summer I entered a challenge by Darren Hardy, who creates Darren Daily, a daily video Monday through Friday, for global high achievers who desire to become better everyday. The challenge was simple, however when I first heard about it, the mini me told myself, “You don’t have time!” and I agreed.

The challenge was about to start and I ignored what I told myself and joined the challenge. I accepted the challenge to read one chapter per day of the The Compound Effect. Six chapters plus the introduction and conclusion in six days!

The question I thought of is; what could I give up, to free up time to invest reading a chapter per day.

Quickly, I planned out the week and removed things in the evening I would attend or do, to open room on my calendar to read. Yes, I actually scheduled time on my calendar to read. Have you noticed what get scheduled gets done? Freaky right or is what makes your calendar important enough for you to actually do?

The challenge was progressing nicely and then it happened. I missed Thursday! I decided to push forward anyway and completed the remaining chapters and the conclusion on Sunday.

The Omission Of The Spoken Lie

The Choice is Yours

Everyday, the power of choice lies at your feet. What will you do? Will you believe the spoken lie of “I don’t have time” or will you decide to omit what yourself told you?

I found a way to accept the challenge of reading a book in  a week, which sounds simple however not all who start will actually finish. Believe this or not: its theorized that 85-90% of individuals who start reading a book NEVER finish it.

A better question to ask and answer yourself is: “How many books have I started that I haven’t finished?”

It’s happen to me. Three books come to mind which I started and never completed. Why? Life got in the way and the spoken lie arose again, “I don’t have time!”

You can decide to omit this spoken lie by doing a few simple things.

The Guide To Ridding Yourself Of “I Don’t Have Time”

Inside this short video entitled “The Mindset Of A Winner“, Kobe Bryant provides his perspective on pushing aside thoughts of “I don’t have time.

First: Have a winner’s mindset. Turn your I don’t into “Let’s find out!”

Second: Be curious. Widen your curiosity to see what is possible.

Third: Be Disciplined.

Fourth: Seek improvement daily; strive for 1% better everyday.

Last: Find your “GOAT Mountain”. – What am I talking about? Those who understand took action to watch the video. If you didn’t, now is a great time to find out about “GOAT Mountain”.Yellowstone Wildlife Spotlight: Mountain Goat - Yellowstone Bear World | Yellowstone Bear World

In addition to the above, here are five tangible things you can do to help rid yourself of telling the lie!

  • Schedule it. Put it on your calendar.
  • Find an accountable partner to hold you accountable.
  • Have your AP check in with you and have the individual ask you if you did what you said you were going to do.
  • Give yourself small rewards along your journey.
  • Track your progress and record it. It can be as simple as marking an “X” on the calendar every time you completed something.

The Bottom Line On The Spoken Lie

Everyday you are given the ability of choice and what you decide to do with that choice, determines if you believe what you tell yourself. If you tell yourself “I don’t have time”, your mind will work to prove you right. However if you tell yourself, “I will find time”, your mind will work to find time and your choices will be made to find the time.

It’s a choice and you have the right to decide to tell yourself anything you desire.

So why not see what is possible and stop telling the spoken lie. 

ps. One way to break the spoken lie, is to declare the opposite. Let me know what you will declare moving forward. Ex. ‘I declare: I will find time to workout three days a week!”



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