Tide Turners AudioBook

Do you listen to an audiobook?

According to a Good E Reader article entitled  Global Audiobook Trends audiobooks are the fastest growing segment in publishing.

Audiobook “Audible membership growth is consistent at 40 per cent year on year, as more consumers realise how well audiobooks can fit into their busy lives,” explained Tracey Markham, country manager for Audible.

I remember my first audio book, which I listened too. It was Grant Cardone’s The 10X Rule , which is over seven HOURs of listening! Where can you find seven hours to listen to an audio book?

How To Find Time To Listen To An AudioBook

Everyone who is living, is blessed to have the same of time. How you use that time is up to you. I found to listen to an audio book which is seven hours in length, I had to be intentional about finding time.

Here are a few ideas, which I used:

  • Listen while driving –hit play on your mobile device, shut off the radio/CD player and listen.
  • Listen while you are at the gym! Several years ago, if you told me this, I would have told you, “I need music to workout, not an audio book!”. I thought I needed music to work out, however I found I was using that as an excuse.
  • Listen to an audio book while you do outside or inside chores. I love doing the outside work and often will put on my headphones and listen to an audio book.
  • Listen while you take a walk or jog.
  • Listen while you eat your lunch. If you work in an office environment, find a space where you can be alone and just relax and listen.

I found by implementing all listening tactics, I was able to easily finish a seven-hour audio book in a week.

How I Found A Producer To Record The Tide Turners AudioBook

It was December 2016 and I met with my friend Bill for coffee. We were discussing what was next in our lives for 2017 and I mentioned, I wanted to create the audio version of Tide Turners.

He leans in and says, “ I have the guy for you. He does things like this and I know you would enjoy meeting him.”  Immediately I was overjoyed and thought, “Could my dream of having this version of Tide Turners come to life?”

The next week, I emailed Peter Borne at Airborne Creative Group and his wife setup a time to meet with him and to visit the studio.

I followed the directions to the studio and found myself driving to a Minneapolis neighborhood. I thought to myself, “I must have the wrong directions.” I parked outside a house and walked up. His wife answered the door and took me to side wing of the house and there it was, a RECODING STUDIO! His office!

audiobook recording studio

The Making Of An AudioBook

Peter explained the process to me and I was nervous and excited about the opportunity, yet I had never done anything like this in my life.

Questions entered my mind such as:

  • Can I read my own book?
  • What if I mess up and can’t get through it?
  • Can I focus long enough to complete this project?

All these questions swirled my mind however Peter made me very comfortable.

I put the playback headphones on, sat in the chair, spoke into a microphone and simply read the words on the print pages.

There were times while I was reading I’d make up my own words and would hear, “Let’s try that again” from Peter.

Recording Audiobook

Many times, I would get stuck. The words wouldn’t flow well out, which meant a restart. Time after time, I couldn’t make it through a difficult section and Peter would say, “Let’s take a break.”

The role of a Producer is to find the triggers which help the individual move past a difficult spot and he did that. He would say, “Try it like this.”

I would immediately implement what he directed me to do and get past the difficult part.

Peter and I started the recording in March and completed the recording in the beginning of June!

I remember leaving the recording studio exhausted, given my mind was 100 percent focused on the words and pronouncing them correctly.

Tide Turners AudioBook

“Doing the same thing over and over with no results and expecting change is like trying to remove the salt from the ocean.” – Cardiff D. Hall

How do you best absorb information, especially books? Written, Audio or both. Personally, I love both. I enjoy reading the book first and then listening to the same book.

Some would say, “That is a waste of time. You already read the book.” I’ve found that your mind will pick up on different things you missed. There is always something to learn by reading or listening to an book more than once.

I’d like you to sample of the audio book which is playable via MP3.  Click on the Audible Sample to listen to the introduction of Tide Turners.

The growth in audio books will continue and it offers a great way to absorb information to help you in the journey of life. All you need to do is to download and press play!

The Tide Turners Audio Book is available on Audible. If you do not have an account, you will receive a 30 day free trial when you sign up AND your first book is FREE on Audible. So, you can secure a copy of Tide Turners audiobook for FREE if you do not already have Audible.

Do you have a friend who enjoys audio books? Would you share this email with them, so they could listen to the introduction?

I want you to be a Tide Turner and become the person who is in control of life versus riding the waves and hoping to arrive at your desired Islands Of Achievement.

PS: I have a handful of free Audible download codes I’d like to give you.  If you are within the first five to respond to this, hit reply and type Free Audio Book  I will send you the code.

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