The Truth Exposed About Your Productivity

Inside all humans exists three brains which have the ability to control your actions and thus your productivity.

That sounds odd, right? Do we really have three brains?

The online course – Insane Productivity

Last week, I was working through a productivity course and Darren Hardy, brought this concept up and it truly resonated with me and I wanted to share with you.

Have you thought about why you do certain things? You probably haven’t, I know I really didn’t give it much thought.

I was provided the insights to understand what drives the actions throughout my day, and we do indeed have three brains.

The Autopilot – Your ROBOT Brain

This is where 95% of your actions come from. It does everything on auto control. You don’t have to think about things, you just do them.

No debating inside your mind, you just do them.

The primary role for your ROBOT brain is survival. It looks for the easiest way to do things, because it wants to protect you.

Has this brain every told you to stop doing something given it will feel uncomfortable or that it will cause fear? So you stop?

You don’t leave your job for something new. Perhaps you don’t want to speak in front of a group or make that difficult call to someone. This brain took over, given its goal and priority is to protect you.

The robot is always on high alert, its looking to ensure safety.

Where has the robot brain sabotaged you?

Productivity Killer – The Monkey Brain 

This is the active side of your brain looking for the newest thing. Its need is for constant activation. This brain is highly emotional and seeks to find the latest thing you might have missed.

Have you ever sat down at your computer, started working on something and then you phone buzzes, you stop and look at it and then respond? You then engage in a text conversation with a coworker or friend and suddenly you’ve lost track of time.

Perhaps it isn’t a text, but it’s social media.

You tell yourself only 10 minutes on Facebook and suddenly you are scrolling through to see the latest updates and 30 minutes passes. Why?

Your monkey brain took over. It wants you to see what the latest thing is.

This brain is a huge productivity killer and its why we become distracted.

Inside an article published by CNBC it lists The Top Workplace Time Killers. The number one productivity killer is the mobile device and texting. This make perfect sense. The Money brain is very interested in the latest missed phone call and text.

Once we become aware of the monkey brain, we can do things to tame it.

Next week, I am helping a group of individuals tame this brain in the  Time Management Maximzier online coaching group.

The Wise One – Your Sage Brain 

This is the the brain which is the wise one, the one which makes a difference and can pull you back on task. The Sage is powerful. It helps redirect your behavior, however the other two brains try to regain control.

Can you think about a time where your sage brain took over? How did it feel?

I know for me, the sage brain has helped me refocus and stay on track and increase my confidence.

Given the sage is the wise brain and is often overshadowed by the Robot and Money brain, you have to be intentional and truly be aware of why you are doing certain things.

Once you become aware, you can redirect your actions so you remain and stay productive.

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