Using Consequences To Benefit You

Do you remember assigning consequences to your children when they didn’t do what they were supposed to?

I remember many of the consequences from my youth and recall what I did to receive them. The pain of revisiting the consequence was strong enough to eliminate the wrong choice.

Consequences For Adults

Something occurs during the journey of life where adults feel like consequences are only for youth and not themselves. This thinking is harmful and will lead you down the wrong path.

“Nobody ever did, or will escape the consequences of their choices.” – Alfred A. Montapert

Using something which causes you pain can be helpful in making the correct choice. Perhaps you have heard of using negative rewards to motivate you. I recently implemented a consequence on myself if I didn’t do a certain thing in the morning.

The Snooze

Do you hit the snooze button on your mobile device or alarm? Well, you are not alone, in fact 57% of Americans hit the snooze button every day!

If you have read Tide Turners , I discussed not hitting the snooze button and getting up immediately when the alarm sounded. Just like in life, which I discuss in the book, something occurs and the drift happen. I fell into the land of accepting the drift and lost my good habit.

In an article posted in the Business Insider, sleep researchers say, snoozing will not make you any more rested. If fact, it can make it harder for you to wake up.

The Consequence

The habit of not hitting the snooze was gone for myself so I decided to implement a consequence if I choose to hit the snooze.


Have you ever completed 25 burpees in a row?

The consequence I chose, was to complete 25 burpees in a row if I hit the snooze button. If you have never seen a burpee, watch this how to do a burpee video.

Last week, the consequence was implemented and everything was going well until Saturday morning. The alarm went off and I did the unthinkable, I hit the snooze and immediately heard a voice say, “25 burpees!”  The“ voice was shrugged off until I woke up and eventually the reality of hitting the snooze was real. I would be doing 25 burpees at the gym.

Arriving at the gym, I knew my consequence must be taken immediately, so I began. The first five were not bad, the next five were ok, the next five I could feel my heart pounding, the next five my lungs were on fire and the last five were painful! Immediate I shouted, “Never Again!”

The decision was made right there in the gym, I would never experience that type of pain again. That wasn’t fun!

The Negative Consequence Can Motivate You

Having completed 25 burpess, I made the choice to not hit the snooze anytime soon. The negative action produced a positive choice. Have you ever tried implementing a negative consequence on yourself?

I’d like you to try it. Think of a habit or something you know you should do, but you don’t always make the right choice. Now, think about the consequence you will instill if you don’t follow through on the right choice. Starting today and for the next 10 days, give yourself the negative consequence when you fail to make the incorrect choice.

Comment below and let me know what your consequence will be.

Children receive consequences for not doing the right thing and making poor choices. You can do the same on yourself. Use a consequence to light the fire within you and if you feel the pain, you will never desire to make that choice again.

Ps: In a recent podcast with Mitch Matthews, the host of the Dream, Think, Do podcast, I share why now is a great time to begin crafting your goals for 2018, instead of waiting until January and designing the development plan to reach your goals, so you don’t endure consequences. 

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