What’s In Your Playbook -The Secret

It’s the beginning of a season I very much love; it’s the start of the football season and the playbook is in full use.

You may or might not agree, while this season brings about a change in the leaves, temperature and gives way to backyard fires with friends.

Have you heard this phrase, “What’s in your wallet?” the slogan of Capital One.

If someone asked you, “What’s in your playbook?”, how would you respond?

Perhaps you might say, “What do you mean?” or “I’m not sure”, or perhaps no answer at all.

Watching a college football game on Saturday, each team had their own playbook. They knew exactly what was in their book as they had prepared and practiced plays from their book, to give them the opportunity to win.

Without a playbook, teams wouldn’t have any idea what to do in certain situations.

How to the lineup at the line of scrimmage, what routes to run, who to throw the ball too and many more things required on the field of play.

No playbook, no victory.

Life is your field and you get to play it however you desire. For many, including myself many years ago, I never had a playbook.

I was on the field and just taking whatever came my way. There were no running of offensive plays or defensive plays and no movement of the ball down the field of life. 

Maybe you can relate or perhaps you’ve designed your own playbook and are running the plays to move forward, to have victory.

Set The Course For Your Playbook

Before you desire to run plays, you need to set a vision. Where do you want to go and why?

Each year, college teams create their own slogan tied to their vision. If you follow college football, there is a team, which had this slogan last year: “The Revenge Tour”. Too bad the revenge tour ended in Columbus, Ohio. A few years ago, my school had the slogan of “The Chase”.

The coach sets the vision.

In this short video, a soccer coach sets the vision for the team.

You are the coach of your life, have you set the vision to be played out?

There is a passage in the Bible, which states, without vision the people perish. The literal meaning of this verse is, where there is no vision one isn’t living up to their full potential.

Your playbook begins with your vision and then creating the plays to navigate towards where you want to go. Only you get to decide, given you are the coach.

Vision creates the pathway.

To help create the pathway towards a personal vision, I created a personal study guide to help individuals reach their full potential, so they can create the playbook for their life. If you’d like more information on the study guide check out http://bit.ly/2MC5h1r

When someone asks you “What’s in your playbook?”, be prepared to share your vision of where you are going and what plays you are running to advance on the field of life.







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