When Do You Hit The Pause

Have you ever wanted to hit the PAUSE button in your life? 

Perhaps to savor a moment with your family, children, vacation, or a special event. These are the times when you truly desire to hit the pause button.

How about the times when things may not be a special moment? It could be to get grounded after a move, a new job, a desire to revisit a challenge you are facing or just to take time to gain clarity.

Hitting the pause button means putting things in your life on hold. However given the pace of life today, taking time to hit the pause button seems counterintuitive.

Use Pause To Gain Perspective And Clarity 

This past month, I felt the need to hit the PAUSE in my business. Many of you completed the survey and I appreciate that very much. During the course of gaining the feedback, I was planning on launching a course in October, to expand upon the Tide Turners framework.

Having designed the content for the course, I felt something was missing and I couldn’t figure it out. Since the launch of the book, I have been taking in all types of information. Podcasts, online trainings, Saturday conferences and reading books which I believed would provide the missing answer.









I realized confusion had set in and the pathway forward was cloudy.

The choices faced were to ignore the confusion and go, pause or quit. Pause was my choice!

Why Pause? 

Inside an article by Deepak Chopra entitled From Hazy To Clear: How to Gain Clarity About Your Life he discusses the power of meditation which can help you gain clarity. If you haven’t practiced meditation it can help, however I practice mediation and clarity wasn’t truly appearing. I felt unsure about the direction of Tide Turners and what the next steps forward should be.

During my discovery this past month, I came across something called the Deeper Path. The Deeper Path helps you examines the substance of your life by leading you through your pain and into your potential.

Mark Twain said, “The two most important days in your life are the day you were born, and the day you find out why.”

Eliminate the NOISE 

Realizing that I needed to gain clarity, I decided to shut down all  external noise for period of time, to help me focus on digging deep. My favorite podcasts, online trainings and Saturday learning sessions are on hold, so I can allocate the mental space to gain clarity, by going through the Deeper Path.

In the busyness of life, we can either be too busy to hit pause and just float along or we can make a decision to hit the pause, take time to take inventory and truly begin to awaken.

“The one who looks outside, dreams; the one who looks inside awakens.” -Carl Gustav Jung

Do you need to hit the pause button?

PS- This is a different style of newsletter and I will be sharing more of my personal stories with you, so you can use some of the strategies and tactics in your own life.


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